I want to sell my iPhone but it's damaged.

If your iPhone is damaged, we can help:

You might think you're out of luck if your iPhone is damaged but ZombieBuyer takes all kinds of iPhones.

There are many reasons why your iPhone might be damaged and past its best. Rather than going through the trouble of repairing your iPhone or having to claim insurance on your mobile, let ZombieBuyer be the solution.

We are all guilty of dropping or mishandling our iPhones at some point and a cracked iPhone is the result. If your iPhone has been damaged then don’t worry, we will still accept your iPhone and reward you with instant cash. For iPhones and smartphones in general, the most common type of damage is a cracked or smashed screen.

Please ensure you read our terms and conditions before sending us your device.

1Cracked Screens

Accidents happen and most of us have had the task of trying to get a screen repaired without breaking the bank. Smart phones are fragile and with the size of the screens on mobiles now, a cracked screen is something that most of us have experienced.

The upside to this is that ZombieBuyer could come to the rescue and turn your problems into instant cash. If you have an old iPhone with a cracked screen, then why not cut out the middleman and let ZombieBuyer take it off your hands. Not only do you not need to spend money on repairing the screen but if you send it to us we could have money transferred into your bank account the day it arrives.

Please note: we may not accept phones that have been subject to previous repair attempts.

2External Damage

External phone damage may be an issue which has in the past caused you to get a new phone. Perhaps the camera on your iPhone has been damaged or the charging port doesn't quite function as it used too. No matter the type of external damage, ZombieBuyer will still give you a competitive quote for your iPhone that you could turn into profit today!

3Battery Damage

Battery damage can also be the cause of an iPhone becoming unusable. Batteries and back plates can often become damaged if your iPhone has been dropped and may have caused your iPhone to no longer function properly. Getting a new battery can be a chore so why not let ZombieBuyer take care of business. We will take your iPhone off your hands and the battery damage doesn't matter to us! Plus, you still get cash in your account as well, everyone wins!

4Scratched iPhone

What if your iPhone is scratched or has dents that have developed over time from wear and tear?

Scratches happen to almost all mobiles that don’t have iPhone covers on them and they can often be unavoidable. Accidently dropping your iPhone can also leave marks on your iPhone.

Getting scuffs or scratches repaired is another effort which can be very costly and time-consuming. Rather than taking it from repair shop to repair shop, fill in your details at ZombieBuyer and we will take your scratched iPhone and turn it into money that we will transfer into your bank account.