How to look after your iPhone

ZombieBuyer's ultimate guide to caring for your iPhone.

Looking after your mobile is important:

Your iPhone is a £500+ computer and an investment in several years of payments. It's important to keep it in the best condition possible.

Our zombies will give you seven tips you may not know of to keep your phone in tip top condition! Not only will your iPhone function better for longer, but it can be rewarding when you decide to trade in your old phone if you upgrade.

1Invest in a phone cover

Getting yourself a quality phone cover is one of the best ways we'd recommend you protect your phone from the wear and tear of every day use.

A good phone cover will protect your phone from scratches, bumps and dents that all iPhones can be a victim of. There are tonnes of designs out there to suit your taste and most are relatively cheap to buy. Purchasing one is a certain way to give your iPhone a longer lifespan.

2Avoid dropping or scratching your phone

An obvious tip but if you're not careful it can prove costly! Even small scratches could reduce the value of your handset.

Since the release of the original iPhone, the glass which Apple uses to manufacture the screen has become much stronger than it was in the past. But even with their great tech it isn't shatterproof unfortunately and cracks and scratches can still occur.

To protect your phone from getting scratches on the screen, buy a good cover and be wary of putting your iPhone in a bag with anything sharp. A common mistake is to keep your phone in the same pocket as your keys. Avoid this!

3Don't get your iPhone dirty

We all look after our new mobiles like a new-born in the first few weeks, but after a while we're all a bit guilty of becoming complacent.

One of the best tips to keeping your iPhone dirt-free is to give your phone a good thorough clean every month. Use a soft, lint-free cloth or something along those lines. Avoid paper towels or rough-edged materials which are likely to cause damage. Another helpful tip is to spray any cleaning liquids onto a cloth first rather than onto the screen directly.

4Avoid Liquid Damage

One of the most harmful types of damage to your iPhone is exposing it to liquid. Whether it’s water, coffee or any other harmful liquid, spillages can be costly and may spell the end for your mobile.

To find out if your iPhone had become exposed to liquid, check the Liquid Damage Indicator (LDI) strip which is usually located in the SIM tray or battery compartment. If liquid damage has occurred, the colour of the strip will have changed from its original colour.

Obviously, we all want to avoid this situation, so keep your phone away from toilets, sinks, showers or any damp environments. And we can't stress enough the value of a good, waterproof cover.

5Look after your iPhone's battery

The battery life of iPhones is a controversial subject.

There is a lot of misinformation about the batteries used in iPhones. One widely-known thing that is true, however, is that iPhone batteries have a certain lifespan before they need to be replaced.

This lifespan can be optimised, however. Ways to go about this include: enabling your Wi-Fi settings as the battery will last longer than on data. Adjusting your screen’s brightness or set it to auto-brightness is another way of making your daily battery last longer.

Clean out your phone's data every now and again to avoid overloading the memory. Turning off your push notifications for notifications that you don’t need will also increase the life of your iPhone’s battery (and save you irritation!)

6Don't 'jailbreak' your phone!

Jailbreaking is the process of removing software restrictions placed on your phone by iOS. This means leaving default apps and other software that comes with your iPhone from the moment you purchase it. Doing so can be harmful to your phone’s battery lifespan.

7Get Insurance

Perhaps the best way to look after your iPhone is to invest in mobile phone insurance.

Paying a weekly, monthly or yearly sum to an insurance company is a recommended investment if looking after your phone is a priority. This can protect you from damage, theft as well as loss which can happen to the best of us.

Insuring your phone is an important way of protecting it and making sure you get the most out of your iPhone for as long as possible.