Referral Terms and Conditions

ZombieBuyer's referral program allows registered users of our site to earn Rewards by referring their friends.

By participating in the program, you agree to following terms and conditions.

How do referrals work?

Each User who registers with ZombieBuyer and verifies their account is given a unique Referral Code. This code can be shared with the User's friend.

If a Referred Friend visits the site and enters the Referral Code upon registration, both the User and Referred Friend may earn a Referral Reward should the following conditions be met:

  • The Referred friend has registered with the site.
  • The Referred friend has placed an order and the order has met our minimum requirement for payout.
  • The Referred friend has not been referred on a previous occassion.
Please note: we will only pay for a referral on the first qualifying order.

The Reward will take the form of a Referral Credit, up to the value of £10, which can be paid into the user's bank account from the account page.

A user can accumulate multiple Referral Credits by referring more friends.

What are the minimum order requirements?

At present, a Referral will qualify if and only if the value of devices in the Order are equal to or above £50.

The amount paid out to the Referred User and Original User may vary with price.

Note that these requirements may be changed at any time without any notice.

Multiple Referrals

An individual User can be referred only once. If a User has been referred by multiple people and received multiple Codes, only the Code entered by the User at the time of their first qualifying order will be taken into consideration.

Abuse of the Program

We may monitor or investigate the use of our Referral Program for suspicious or fraudulent activity. We reserve the right to cancel either the Program or a User's ability to participate in the Program for any reason, at any time, without prior notice.

Any attempts to bypass our requirements or abuse the Program may result in Referral Credits being cancelled and any pending payments being terminated.