Why use ZombieBuyer.co.uk

Why choose us?

We know that when trading in your old device, you want a great price.

We aim to provide not only great prices, but a reliable, trustworthy, easy-to-use service which keeps you in the loop from order placement right up until final payment.

Here's a few of the reasons to sell your iPhone with ZombieBuyer.

1A fair price for your device.

We're in the business of getting you as much cash for your iPhone as possible. Whether it's old or new, locked or unlocked, broken or in perfect condition, our aim is to give you a competitive price for your device.

Some similar buyback services attempt to lure you in with deceptive "up to" prices, which inevitably get knocked down for minor or vague reasons. We don't do that at ZombieBuyer.

Our pricing criteria are transparent and upfront and we pay what we say. Why not get started?

2Kept in the loop with help when you need it

It's extremely important to us that our customers receive exemplary customer service. Our process is simple to follow and we will keep you up-to-date at all stages of the process with e-mails and (optional) text alerts. In your account you can easily track your orders and see the current status of your devices.

If you need support, we're happy to help through our online support system where our UK staff will quickly respond to any queries or issues.

3Risk-Free Process

We understand you're sending us an expensive device and so aim to make sending your iPhone to us as risk-free as possible.

When you send your device, we provide Royal Mail tracking which can be accessed through your account. Once we receive it, our technicians photograph and inspect your device as soon as possible.

While we try and avoid it as much as possible, sometimes issues do occur where we're required to re-value the device (such as the model you've told us being incorrect.) In such a case, we will make a revised price offer but we always provide the option of having your iPhone returned free-of-charge.

4Speedy Payment

Our payment is quick and no hassle.

Once we receive your device, our technicians will take photographs, inspect the device and verify its condition. You will be paid to your bank account the same day if there are no issues.

5Free Postage

Getting iPhones is what keeps us ticking so we offer free postage on all devices sent us.

Once you placed your order, you'll receive a free return pack with a pre-paid postage bag in which you'll send us your iPhone. If for any reason we need to return your device or you've asked for it back, that's on also on us.